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Wild Republic


The most beautiful, true to life soft animals at White Rhino

So many animals, so little time. Where to start? We have compiled a collection of our favourites and the 'zoo' is constantly growing. Come by the shop and see (hug) one of these beautifully made, realistic cuddlies. Wild Republic USA has been producing them for 40 years. From elephant to giraffe, flamingo, sloth, seahorse and of course dinosaurus...there is a soft friend for everyone. And don't think only kids like them! I assure you, grown ups love them too. (and maybe appreciate then even more.  I was given an octopus by friend a couple of years ago, in memory of a wonderful dive we did together in the Red Sea. I've been using it as a book stand... than, had this idea; if I love it, other might too. 

Prices of these extremely high quality toys begin at a very reasonable £6.5 to £39 for the very large animals.

We even have a wolf that is bigger than a real puppy.

Many of these cuddly animals are made from recycled plastic bottles, which is the main reason we decided to stock the range. (White Rhino shop does not sell cheap, mass produced plastic stuff)

Bats, birds....ok you get the point. If you don't see your favourite in store at White Rhino, fear not, we can order it in for you within three days!